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Frequently Asked Questions Center Service Area

If I register for service, am I obligated to take service when it is available?

No. While we hope that you only register for service if you seriously plan on taking services with us, registering for service today will mostly be helping us gauge interest in your area.

If I register for service, do I have to pay anything today?

No. Registering for service is free. You will not have to pay anything until you have service.

When will I get hooked up for service?

Right now, our goal is to get the library, the Hannibal Clinic, and the Westview Nursing home hooked up by the end of the year. Any other address will be determined by leftover funding/time and the town of Center.

Why should I register for service if I may not get service?

Registering for service helps us gauge interest for further buildouts and will help the town of Center determine where to use any extra funding/time leftover after the three core buildouts.

Can I get Ralls Tech TV services?

At this time, no. We are working on an over the top (streaming) solution for TV. When that becomes available, our Center customers will be available to sign up for that service.

How can I see who has signed up in my area?

The Supporters tab on this website will let you know who has signed up in the area. When you sign up you have the option to allow your name on the supporters tab, which helps others to know how many around them have pre-registered for service.